Guru Privat Mengaji & Bahasa Inggris Kota Cirebon

Contact Person:


My name is Ria Nuralawiyah. I was born on April, 1st 1993 in Cirebon, West java. I live in Kalitanjung street No.16 Rt.01 Rw.03 Kelurahan Harjamukti Kecamatan Harjamukti Cirebon, West Java 45143. I have the ability to communicate in English (oral amd written), and also the ability to recite Al-Quran.

My educational background, were:

  1. The Kindergarten School at TK Salafiyah Cirebon (1998 – 1999)
  2. The State Elementary School at SD Kartika III-5 Cirebon (1999 – 2005)
  3. The State Junior High School at SMPN 10 Cirebon (2005 – 2008)
  4. The State Senior High School at SMAN 1 Cirebon (2008 – 2011)
  5. The State Institute for Islamic Studies (IAIN) Syekh Nurjati in English Language Teaching Department (ELT) (2012 – 2016) GPA score 3.46

My working experience, were:

  1.  A private Englih teacher at SIM A – Student Intnsive Meeting Association Cirebon
  2. Internship program at smpn 16 cirebon as an English Teacher
  3. A teacher at smart auladi islamic bilingual school

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